Benefits of Wild Edibles

by Mark on September 4, 2014

Benefits of Wild Edibles by Bethany Staffieri Foraging for wild food is an ancient practice. Our forefathers knew this practice to be a direct physical connection to the Earth, a connection that brings a person to the deepest appreciation and understanding of the natural world. Benefits of Wild Edibles Today’s modern lifestyle interrupts this foraging tradition […]


The Amazing Blue Elderberry

by Mark on August 9, 2014

The Amazing Blue Elderberry I am a push over for the wild blue elderberry. An amazing shrub that offers the forager a tremendous bounty of uses. Parts of the elderberry can be used for making fire, musical instruments, hunting weapons, traps, and in late summer and autumn prepare the ripe blue elderberries for a sweet […]


Wilderness Immersion Adult 28 Day Survival Course – California Wilderness immersion is a 28 day survival training course for both men and women 18 years and older.   This month long immersion course is uniquely tailored for those who have a strong desire to challenge themselves personally, while living and learning in a remote and beautiful […]

Teen vs. Wild

by Mark on May 16, 2014

Teen vs. Wild What does Bear Grylls have that your teen wants? Read on. He is an ordinary person with a big heart, loads of energy and charisma, and a number one television program tweens, teens, and youth pay attention to.  Man vs. Wild may be entertainment, but some of the survival skills exhibited by […]


Summer Adventures Camp for Teens in California Summer Adventure Camp for Teens Exciting wilderness summer adventure camps for teens ages 14-18 in California. Lifesong Wilderness Adventures began offering teen summer camps in northern California in 1994. Our summer camps are held high in the Klamath mountains where teens camp in a beautiful mountain setting. Our base camp […]


Wilderness Teen Camp: a Wonderful Eye Opening Experience Wilderness Teen Camp: a Wonderful Eye Opening Experience By Christine W. Last summer I had the good fortune to be a guest at Lifesong Wilderness Adventures, in July, while wilderness teen camp was under way. What a great adventure for all involved! They were a diverse group. […]


What does a hardcore macho, worm eating, roadkill asphalt licker survivalist eat for breakfast this time of year? Chickweed of course. Chickweed Or (Stellaria media) has juicy, tender, slightly sweet leaves and stalks, all of which I add to my morning salads.  Yep, you heard right, my breakfast salad.  That’s what macho, hard core survivalist like […]


Make Drinking Water Safe – in an Emergency

by Mark on November 12, 2013

Water: potable, drinkable, filtered, boiled, and safe to drink.  Water, you need it to survive. If you are in an emergency situation right now.  You will need safe drinking water to hydrate your body. The simplest and quickest way to make water safe to drink, if you can make fire, is by boiling it in […]


Rite of Passage for Teens

by Mark on May 4, 2013

Rite of Passage for Teens Rite of Passage for Teens by Henry Poole Last year I ran across some research that discussed the history of rite of passage into manhood for boys. Recalling my experience of growing up in the 70s and 80s, I felt an “aha” while reading about the history of male maturing. […]


Top Wilderness Survival Courses

by Mark on March 26, 2013

 Top Wilderness Survival Courses Top Wilderness Survival Courses Survival courses with Lifesong Wilderness Adventures. From First Circle survival camp to the 28 day Adult Immersion outdoor adventure, we are one of the top wilderness survival schools offering some of the best survival courses you will find anywhere. First Circle Camp The first in our adult […]

What Should I Take for a Lifesong Adventures Wilderness Survival Weekend This is our recommendation list of gear to take with you for Lifesong’s weekend survival school course. Weekend Survival School Gear List All camp items on the checklist below are important for an enjoyable and comfortable camp experience. Tent & Sleeping pad for your […]


Cold and Flu Remedies from Nature

by Mark on January 14, 2013

Cold and Flu Remedies from Nature Feeling achy, a scratchy throat coming on, darn! You just realized a bug has just got a hold of you and you are feeling terrible. Your far from town and the truck is out of bio diesel. Try this: make a soup with six onions, an entire bulb of […]


Mark Wienert – Survivalist

by Mark on January 10, 2013

Mark Wienert Professional Survival Instructor Professional survival instructor and outdoor educator What I teach I teach practical and empowering wilderness survival skills which includes the art of tracking and nature awareness. Tracking raises our awareness of animals, plants, trees, insects, weather, and our connection to nature. The art of Tracking is a doorway to a […]


Sign language – reading natures clues with Mark Wienert Animal and Man Tracking Sign language Reading nature’s clues to find animal paths is also a way to slow down and find an appreciation of nature BY GARRET JAROS For The Register-Guard Appeared in print: Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011, page D2 REEDSPORT OR. — The tracks […]


One species, Darlingtonia californica, occupying boggy habitats in the northwest United States of America (southern Oregon, northern California). Although the distribution of Darlingtonia is somewhat similar to the distribution of serpentine rocks in these areas, they aren’t identical at all. Darlingtonia doesn’t appear restricted to the serpentine sites, but it does appear to grow well in areas rich in heavy metals. The […]


Teen Camp Conservation and Habitat Restoration Project July is teen month at Lifesong Wilderness Adventures, and teens participate in an ongoing wetland restoration project involving a meadow damaged by off-road vehicle use. Teens earn community service credits through habitat restoration as part of Lifesong’s outdoor conservation projects. With hands-on involvement teens are empowered by learning […]


Sharpening the Tracker Knife

by Mark on December 23, 2011

No doubt about it, the Tracker is one serious survival knife. Back in the days when I was a student at the Tracker school, a knife called The Tracker, was made by Dave Beck, and were for sale at the Tracker school when available.  You can read the history of the Tracker knives – HERE  The […]


Oregon Wilderness Survival Courses

by Mark on October 24, 2011

Oregon Wilderness Survival Courses Wienert is offering weekend survival courses in basic and advanced outdoor survival training at his Oregon coast location. Class size limited. Custom and group courses available. These are the Oregon courses available for the fall and winter school season. basic and advanced fire making emergency survival shelters wild edible and utilitarian plants of coastal Oregon intro – traps […]

Wing of bat, eye of newt….

by Mark on November 18, 2010

Or so the incantation may go.  What is safe to eat and what is not, a good thing to know in any situation, and vital when you are trying to survive. The Oregon Coast has much to offer on both counts.  Take the Rough Skinned Newt for instance.  I have been on a mission to […]

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“WHY HUNTERS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR WILD PREDATORS” “Despite the self serving propaganda coming from hunting groups that hunters are an adequate “tool” to control herbivore populations, research has demonstrated sufficient differences in the animals selected by predators compared to human hunters.  In general, hunters take animals in the prime of life, while predators […]


Getting Back to Nature in Texas

by Mark on May 8, 2014

Getting Back to Nature in Texas By Chris W. Having grown up in a family of hunters, being in the wilderness and roughing it is old hat to me. I have always enjoyed being outside and enjoying what nature has to offer. Recently my life has had a few down turns and I felt that […]